What’s new in Home Paint Colors?

February 27, 2018

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Paint colors — they can really spruce up a room and certainly make your home more personal. So what’s new in the trends for colors? In 2016, Simply White and Alabaster White were the hue of the moment. Then in 2017, we saw a shift to darker neutrals, like Poised Taupe and Mushroom. So it’s only fitting that for 2018 people predict even deeper and bolder colors are going to be all the rage. Apparently Black is the New Black!

According to House Beautiful, the color black for home wall colors are touted to evoke feelings of privacy, hope, and classic modernism.

So, which black? Glidden Paint has Deep Onyx (00NN 07/000), which they describe as a no-fuss shade of black that encourages a “less is more” approach to decor. It almost has a chalkboard-like look to it, which is why it doesn’t feel too harsh when seen on walls and the floor.

Olympic Paints & Stains has Black Magic (OL116), which “brings an airy and soft space down to Earth.” They also claim it’s the perfect mix of masculine and feminine.

While white and neutrals are certainly safer, it’s great that paint companies are encouraging people to take bolder risks with their walls. If the idea of a completely black room scares you, consider using some of this hue versus coating an entire room in it.

But you won’t only see dark hues on walls in 2018. Sherwin Williams predicts next year will all be about three bright color palettes, which they dubbed Affinity (blue, fuchsia and brown), Connectivity (blue, green and high-def yellow) and Sincerity (neutrals, green and pink). All of these combinations are surprising (a thumb’s up in our book) and guaranteed to pack serious happiness into a room.

If you are still in love with last years’ blues or grays, try Benjamin Moore’s Soho Loft and Delray Gray.


written by Rhoda Wheeler